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November 20, 2008


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Cee Lew

Thankyou Lilly. I hopped over to this post after seeing Bella's tree on Mel's blog. This is a wonderful idea and the first time I have seen anything like these. We have transformed our IKEA catalogue from last year into a wonderful stylised tree and are very happy with how it has turned out. You will find a post about it on my blog today.


I LOVE this!! I have just made one and will be getting the children at school to make one each this Christmas, thank you for the tutorial.


What a brilliant idea, I love it and will make one today - thank you very much for the tutorial!


Hi Lilly,

Love your tree & the tutorial is great too. My oldest daughter's name is Lily & she is 7. I think she'd love to have a go at making a tree like your's. Thanks for the instructions.



Great tutorial and a lovely tree!


I found you from the Crafty Crow this morning and sat down with my toddlers to make them a little tree for their playroom.

So easy! Except for the back ache, because I should have done it at the table instead of on the floor. ;)



What a great idea - thanks for sharing, you made a very easy-to-follow tutorial too!

Living and Learning

Thanks for the tutorial! We are happy with how ours turned out. :)


well done lilly! i'm making one right now.

Mama Knucker Hatch

Lilly, you don't know it, but you saved the day in our house. I'm trying to keep an Activity Advent Calendar running, and I was completely zonked on ideas today. Found you through The Crafty Crow, and I'm so glad she found YOU. The kids are going to go wild over this, and I would love to do something with these stacks and stacks of magazines rather than fill up space in a trash bag.


Very cool! I saw the idea and loved it so much I grabbed a magazine and made one right away. It turned out cute. I agree, I like them just as they are without paint. :)


My girls made some! Check them out on my blog:


BRILLIANT!!! Thanks for a great tutorial - we are so doing this tonight :)


We will be making these this weekend. We are living in Europe for a year and likely will not buy a tree, these will be perfect and possibly even more meaningful! Thank you SO much for sharing.

Lisa Albrecht

Hi, Lilly! Thank you so m uch for your tutorial! I will share it with my 1st grader when he gets home from school today. He's been getting in a little bit of trouble at school, lately, for folding paper in class. Maybe making a whole magazine tree at home will help him pay attention when he's supposed to be doing math lessons. ;D


I remember making these when I was a kid :-)
They are so cool ...


I am so thrilled to find this tutorial - I have about a zillion magazines to use to start making my own paper tree forest. I can't wait to see the looks on my kids faces when they see these.

If you don't mind, I'd love to link to this tutorial on my website


I really think it is something the children would enjoy!

Happy Holidays,


Thanks for your tutorial, I made one yesterday and I love it :)


wow, that's great! I will do one with my kits and will let you know.

thank you so much for inspiration!

Amelia G.

That is really neat! I'm glad your mum asked you to share it. I'll share the idea with my daughter this afternoon. Thanks!

Katherine McKamey

WOW! I love this idea!!! I've got lots of old magazines the kids can fold! I'm gonna get them started on it tonight and see how many trees we can make! It would be very cool to have a small forest on the mantel.

Thank you for sharing the directions!
Merry Christmas from the South Texas Gulf Coast!


oooh I really want to make some of these...thank you for the fab tutorial. My daughter and grandchildren will be helping me! I am quite excited about them! x


very cute idea! thank you for sharing! :D Happy Holidays to you too!


Thanks for the tutorial. I'm here via sew mama sew and grabbed the Christmas Cath Kidston catalogue and made one straight away. Hugely satisfying to make something so cute so fast! Bx


How fun! I'm going to give it a go! :)

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