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November 20, 2008


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How cool is this!!! Lilly you have done an amazing job, thanks for the tutorial, this is definately one I shall be trying very soon :0) Lee your girls take after you, so nice seeing kids do craft, stuff that will stay with them forever,a good mum you are teaching them ;0)chat soon Ax


Great job Lilly - it looks very festive!!! My son made one of those trees at school a couple of years ago and we still get it out each Christmas!

Mel Goodsell

Lilly this is a really fabulous tutorial. Thankyou so much for posting it :)

Melanie Jager

Lilly I found you Christmas tree tutorial through Mel's blog and I think it is fantastic. I can not wait to clear up the breakfast dishes so I can do it with my daughters. Thank you very much for posting it. Melanie.


Hi Lilly

I am in the UK and found this post somehow by blog hopping. I have a daughter called Lilly and we will be trying this tomorrow morning.

Thanks for the great idea.



Bonjour Lilly !

That is a wonderful tutorial ! I will be making a few of those threes to put with my snowmen collection. Thank you for doing this. By the way, that santa is way cute too !


Hi Lilly,
I've come over from Mel's blog to have a look at your tree.
I've seen them before but never close enough to figure out how the folds go so thankyou for showing us all.
I am going to hunt down some magazines and make some with my two kids :)
Merry Christmas Lilly!


What a great idea Lily - I am going to teach my little girl make one!

Petrina McDonald

This is fantastic Lilly - well done!!! We might just have a go at this in the holidays :)

Natalie Jackson

Hi Lilly, I found your great tutorial through Mel Goodsell's blog. Wow, I loved the idea and my 5yo son and 7 yo daughter loved it even more. I showed them your blog at about 10am this morning and by about 11am we had 6 finished trees. Good thing I buy alot of magazines.LOL


This is such a cool idea,my daughter is already having a go at making one! Thanks for sharing.
Great blog too :)


Lucy Locket-Pocket

Thanks Lilly - I found you through One Crafty Mumma - your tutorial is fab! I'm going to show my children now!

Lucy x

French Knots

Hello Lily, Thank you for the great tutorial, I have made these this afternoon with my children. A great idea!


What a fantastic idea~ Thanks so much for sharing Lily!


Lily this is really cute! I will be getting the kids to try them after school :)

The Apprentice

Hey Miss Lil, glad to see minnie martha shining through. Great job. Luv, Adele xx


THanks Lily! My daughter Lilli will have a great time making one of these :)


Lily this is really clever!!! I think I will get my class at school to try them too!


what a clever idea...i have a few abc catalogs..cant wait to try it...thanks

Sam Jones

this is brilliant, great idea :)


That`s a really nice Idea!!!!Thank you Lilly;-))
Grettings from switzerland......GabiB.


That`s a really nice Idea!!!!Thank you Lilly;-))
Grettings from switzerland......GabiB.


That`s a really nice Idea!!!!Thank you Lilly;-))
Grettings from switzerland......GabiB.


That`s a really nice Idea!!!!Thank you Lilly;-))
Grettings from switzerland......GabiB.


Thankyou for the Tutorial Lilly - I can remember doing these as a girl myself (about 25 years ago!) I recall doing them with my Nannas old Womens Weekly's.

We have just finished one and I will blog it very soon and link to your post. Just have to make a star for the top.

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